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"I just wanted to let you know that all my friends and family LOVED your tsourekia and koulourakia.  Thank you again for your great service and quality." - Customer

"Andro's makes the best baklava in the civilized world.  I defy anyone to eat just one!" - Customer

"Their bread pudding is phenomenal. Finally a true custardy bread pudding to rival those in New Orleans! We've tried the apple cinnamon and have one of the strawberry cheesecake bread puddings at home for tonight!" – posted at http://chowhound.chow.com

"Just a quick note to say Happy New Year and to tell you how delicious the first fruitcake we cut into -- the Jamaican rum -- is.  We are keeping them in the fridge and cutting small pieces for us and a few friends.  So many people have no idea of what a fruitcake is -- or can be: some only have heard the jokes about fruitcakes or have only tasted a cheap one someone purchased at a drug store.  To our great surprise, a friend who grew up in Louisiana, where her family still makes plum/Xmas puddings each Xmas from her great-grandmother's recipe, had never had fruitcake.  She was thrilled with yours.  Very shortly we will start eating the traditional English one and, as long as we can bring ourselves to share, will develop even more converts to the fruitcake cause." - Customer

"Always been a big fan of your bread pudding since the first time my girlfriend picked me up 2 of them at the Reading Terminal Market. Continued to eat 2 a week until you closed then eventually found you again at 20th and Pine.  Haven't had bread pudding like yours except New Orleans." – Customer

"(The Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake) is a marvelous variation of the traditional fruitcake.  It is rich & delicious; the rum adds depth & complexity. Whether you already like fruitcake, have only experienced the kind that people joke about or have never even tasted one, you should try this cake.  I think you will love it." - Customer

"Your original scones are so light and delicious they taste like they have been kissed by an angel." – Customer

"So who remembers Andro's prepared food stand at the Reading Terminal Market? He had that amazing caramelized apple bread pudding, among a number of other made-on-site sweet and savory items. He closed there and had his own shop for a while. That closed and I had no idea what had happened to him until I got information about his new business. It's not B&M but it's good to know that he's still around and cooking!" – posted at http://chowhound.chow.com

"(Andro's bread pudding) is the perfect consistency - not too dense, not falling apart, not soggy, the top layer of sliced apples cooking to a butterscoth glaze, the raisins creating small sweet pockets...Its rumpled apple crust shines.  Its sides are a sunny French vanilla.  It is a proud brick of the city, a hunk of Philadlephia soul: caramelized apple and golden raisin bread pudding." – Rick Nichols, Philadelphia Inquirer  View the full article

"In the case, they look for all the world like steak and poached eggs.  But the clever take-out lunch (or dinner) entree at Andreas Petrides' stand tends more toward the vegetarian end of the spectrum - a base of juicy marinated portobello mushroom topped with a dollop of goat cheese, mildly garlicky pesto, caramelized onion, and tomato, draped with a melted hood of ivory provolone." – Rick Nichols, Philadelphia Inquirer  View the full article

"One homey favorite that I keep coming back to, though, is the take-out salad dished out at Andro’s Fine Prepared Foods in the Reading Terminal Market.  The recipe is owner Andreas Petrides’ take on the traditional Mediterranean beet salad his grandmother Theodora made in his native Cyprus." – Rick Nichols, Philadelphia Inquirer  View the full article